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Latvian Brown cows >>>

Latvian Brown breed cows

Total cow population consists from different milk breed cows. The most number is Latvian Brown breed cows,- 39 % form all cows number. Other breeds are Holstein , Swedish red, Danish red, Brown Swiss and Latvian blue breed cows. Latvian Brown breed cows belong red breed grope. Genetically close German red and Danish red breed cows.

More than 100 years have use those breed best sire semen and alive bulls, let improve Latvian Brown breed cows. Average size till 550 kg live weight. Productivity range from 5500 kg till 14000 kg per lactation. Latvian Brown breed cows characterize with good develop body conformation, especially strong feet and legs. Future tasks are reach economic profitably, strong health and high productivity cows.

Breeding strategy - Latvian Brown breed cows population is oupen for useing other red breed best genetic